Meet Chris
Get to know Chris Peden, CPA.

Chris Peden

My name is Chris Peden, and I am a CPA with over 20 years of experience helping people, small and medium-size businesses organize and make sense of their finances. I particularly enjoy helping make clear the sometimes confusing terms and topics that individuals and businesses have to understand to function and succeed in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment.

I want to make it easier for people to live their dream life by taking care of the burdens that come with keeping track of their personal or business’s finances. Whether it is helping them prepare their tax return, understand their financial information, or choose a course of action through a complicated financial situation, I want to free up their time so they can spend time on their area of expertise helping their clients, and getting well paid for their services.

I genuinely want to help you and become the trusted adviser you can turn to when you need to make a decision about your money, not just for taxes. I am committed to building a relationship with you to be there for you year after year through the various changes in your life and the life of your business. Your needs matter to me, and I want to help you not only complete the compliance requirement of filing a return but also build a plan for your and your business’s financial future that you build the life and business you set out to have.

I want to help you create an ongoing tax plan that fits your overall financial plan. Preparing a tax return is just a subset of that ongoing financial discussion. By setting up a plan so you can minimize how much you pay in taxes during the year, as well as find ways you can use the tax code to finance your life.

I don’t just do taxes. I also perform many types of financial services. I am always open for tax questions, tax planning, and for any other help you may need. If you audited, you can rely on me to represent you and your interests.

In addition, with my years of working with Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller companies in various industries, I have become greatly skilled at the analysis of financial statements and reports, analyzing investment opportunities, as well as explaining the options open to you when faced with a difficult financial decision, helping you be more at ease with making a decision with what to do in the situations you encounter.

As mentioned before, I can provide tax planning advice throughout the year. I can let you know the tax moves you can make each year that will save you hundreds in tax dollars. This means I can provide guidance to help you navigate situations dealing with:

  • Starting or expanding a small business

  • Buying, converting or selling a rental property

  • Foreign income

  • Navigating through alternative minimum tax issues

  • Retiring and selling a business

  • Buying into a partnership

  • Accelerating or postponing income

  • Restricted stock or employee stock options

  • Determining how much to withhold from your paycheck or pay in quarterly estimates

If you run into a situation like the ones mentioned above, or a combination of a few of them, I can find and maximize any and all tax benefits for you.